About TCC

Our Mission

The Children’s Center (TCC) provides early care and education in a vibrant learning community that supports each child’s unique development, emphasizes social relationships, and engages families in order to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Philosophy

At The Children’s Center, we provide the environment essential for children to flourish at the “hard work” we call play. The sights and sounds here reflect the joy, curiosity, and imagination children bring to all kinds of pursuits. The Children’s Center asks teachers to be intense observers of children’s play and create curriculum using The Project Approach and Reggio Emilia inspired practices. In an emergent curriculum, students experience enriched activities that build on children’s strengths in all areas. Each day is filled with activities like art, music, storytelling, reading, outdoor play, dramatic play, circle time, and many hands-on explorations. We greatly value and create purposeful opportunities for children’s social and emotional growth, helping them to develop skills in self-control and self-awareness, so that they become independent, confident learners.

We place great importance on connecting home life with school and believe that a child’s transition to their first school experience is best supported through relationships with our families. Each year, teachers begin connecting with their families and new students through home visits. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year and ongoing communication about children’s lives is fostered through strong parent-teacher relationships and daily conversation.

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